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Humboldt Preamp Deluxe

Humboldt Preamp Deluxe

Parallel Compression? Preamp? Clean Boost? For guitar OR bass? 

YES!  And if that's not enough, the selectable transformer sets this pedal apart from the competition with a unique vibe that will have everyone asking - "what's your secret sauce?"  



Humboldt Preamp is 100% analog circuitry and offers optical compression in parallel with a high-headroom pre-amplifier. Designed to be low noise with transparent gain staging and a huge clean sound thanks to the headroom provided by the built-in charge pump circuit.


The compressor portion is a classic two knob style that is forgiving, natural and warm. The preamp section has a tasteful shelving equalizer to cut or boost high frequencies subtly without affecting the tone of the compressor stage.

Fully blendable signal from 100% compression to 100% preamp and everywhere in between; providing a wide array of parallel compression options for any situation. Humboldt brings the studio to your stage rig in an intuitive and user-friendly package.


The vintage microphone transformer in Humboldt is deployed in a unique way to emphasize its rich tonal characteristics. A very high quality unit, the transformer has a 1:4 step up ratio and  a mu-metal core. This usage of a high end component in such an unorthadox way truly helps the Humboldt Preamp stand out from the crowd and adds a subtle but unmistakable richness, detail, presence, warmth and volume boost.

Features a softer click true bypass footswitch (not a relay) for uncompromised passthrough tone. Easily bypass the transformer with the face mounted mini-toggle. Bypass the high impedance JFET input buffer with the top mounted toggle - giving access to soft, vintage inspired 70k Ohm input impedance.


 Humboldt Preamp Deluxe features a powder coated chassis, durable UV printed graphics and a bounty of high quality through-hole components including:


  •  Burr Brown OPA2134 Audio Op-Amp in the EQ section
  • Solid Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors in the power section 
  • Gorva Potentiometers
  • Gorva Soft-Click Footswitch 
  •  Wima, Nichicon Fine Gold, Siemens and Silver Mica Capacitors in select audio path locations
  •  Roederstein carbon resistors in select audio path locations
  • Silonex optocoupler
  • Vintage microphone transformer
  • carbon and metal film resistors


Each unit is hand soldered one at a time. Designed, crafted and assembled with pride in Western New York, USA. (components are globally sourced)


Please see our Instagram page for more pics and info:


Full user manual can be viewed or downloaded :


*Please note photos are reused and the serial number will not match the photo


Please limit yourself to max of 2 units per shipping address. We reserve the right to cancel/refund sales of suspected flippers (we will contact you prior to doing so.)

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